The Ghosts of Mariposa

Playwright and poet  S.C. Pinney has written a new play called, "The Ghosts of Mariposa", which focuses on 3 characters with intellectual disabilities.
The central character meets the  "ghost" of a woman with cerebral palsy in a soon to be demolished  regional center and falls in love with her. Though the play has a  tragic ending, it brims with love for and celebration of the central characters.
The Arts Engine has hosted two readings of the script, and we have also videotaped some excerpts.  We have discovered that the characters are drawn so completely, they emerge regardless of who is reading the text:  the mark of strong, capable writing. We hope to produce the play this coming season.
S.C. Pinney clearly loves the characters in this play.  His work with intellectually disabled adults has clearly led him to a straight-on appreciation for the worlds that these people live in.  The play doesn't talk down, it doesn't over-sentimentalize, it just tells a compelling, human story. The dialog is simple direct, and poetic.
Here are short excerpts from the play.
This is from the opening scene where the characters Bob, Cal and Joe break into the MRC regional centre one night:
This next excerpt is between Bob and Patricia, Bob’s worker:

In this scene Bob, Cal and Joe are hanging out atBob’s apartment:

In this scene,  Bob takes Patricia to the MRC regional centre to see the “ghost” for herself:

In this scene, Bob,Joe and Cal talk about going back to the MRC:

In this excerpt, Bob talks to the “ghost”,Judy and takes her for an imaginary walk:

About The Transmission

The Arts Engine is an organisation that powers professional Christian artists and arts projects into action. We connect artists with communities to inspire, challenge and encourage the world around them through meaningful arts experiences.
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