So deep and still the lake this dawn

The morning sun breathes down the hill

This is the world, God, you move upon

And lead me forward, deeper still

Deeper still, Leader, deeper still

You lead me forward, deeper still

And through the forest, along the stream

My eyes with wonder and glory fill

This is the miracle, this is your dream

And as I wander, I go deeper still

Deeper still, Maker, deeper still

You made much more and deeper still

Out to the roads of rock we crushed

And iron forged and havens built

To make our millions, we kill and cut

But as we drill, you are deeper still

Deeper still, Provider, deeper still

You give me bounty, deeper still

Take us back, God, or make us stop

Or let us hear you and do your will

Press your palms on our broken eyes

And heal the wounds that go deeper still

Deeper still, Healer, deeper still

Come heal my darkness, deeper still

And when the dawn comes back again

Back to the lake, to drink my fill

Of all the beauty in the sun and rain

You will love me deeper still

Deeper still Lover, deeper still

Forgive and love me deeper still

 – Tom Carson

About The Transmission

The Arts Engine is an organisation that powers professional Christian artists and arts projects into action. We connect artists with communities to inspire, challenge and encourage the world around them through meaningful arts experiences.
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