Fish Eyes

We had some great performances over last two weeks of Fish Eyes

The creative team is always amazed at how this show keeps growing,  both in it’s execution and in the way that the script presents itself anew each time we do it.

We have a new trailer for the show:

Touring into different spaces means that we create the performance environment each time we do it.  We can’t predict all the challenges the each venue presents.  We’re always adapting to the situation to make the show the best it can be in a particular environment.

We love touring!!

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Transmission One

Welcome to The Transmission, the periodical communications tool for artists, audiences, supporters and community members of The Arts Engine.

I am hoping to use this blog space to provide information on the developments of The Arts Engine as we work to build this exciting company that powers professional Christian artists and arts projects into action. Officially speaking,  we connect artists with communities to inspire, challenge and encourage the world around them through meaningful arts experiences.

But this blog is going to be a lot more than the official word.

We have a lot of projects in the planning stages, and are just about ready to start getting the word out about them.  Along the way, I am going to need a lot of help and support from artists, audiences, churches and organizations to make the dream of an international, thriving, diverse, Christian artist movement a reality.

I hope you will join me, and the core of participating artists and communities in the journey!

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